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Schneiderware EPROM Burner

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The [[ECB Bus]] connector of the board is intended to be plugged into the [[Schneiderware Basisplatine]], but it could be also wired directly to the CPCs Expansion Port. The required EPROM programming voltages are generated by a 5V to 25V converter (and, where needed, lowered to 21V or 12.5V), so one doesn't need an external power supply. The programmed EPROMs can be used (among others) with the [[Schneiderware Pseudo ROM|Schneiderware ROM/EPROM board]].
== Article ==
* [[Schneiderware EPROM Burner|Schneiderware #9 Eprommer (EPROM Burner)]] (6/1987 pages 122-131)
== I/O Ports ==
File:Schneiderware EPROM Burner Schematic.png|Eprom Burner Schematic
== Scanned Article ==
* [[Media:Schneiderware 9 - Eprommer.pdf|Schneiderware 9 - Eprommer.pdf]] - EPROM Burner - '''6/1987 page 122-131'''