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Schneiderware Centronics Port

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/* I/O Ports */
Using a [[8255 PPI chip]] with 24 I/O lines is possibly the most expensive and overcomplicated 8bit Printer Port solution, especially as the circuit uses only 10 of the 24 signals (it implements only Data, Strobe, and Busy - other Centronics signals like Error, Ack, Select, etc. aren't connected).
'''Note''' - The same magazine released a number of different [[8bit Printer Ports|8bit Printer Port]] solutions: A [[CPCI 8bit Printer Mod|joystick-signal based one]] (simple & messy), the Happy Computer [[Happy Computer 8bit Printer Mod|cassette-write based one]] (simple & elegant), and the [[ScheiderwareSchneiderware]] one (complex & expensive).
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