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/* CPC version */
It is well known for :
*Awesome Quite Faithfull to the arcade colourful graphicsexploiting very well the Mode0.
*Nice Music.
*excellent playability and fast action.
*lack of a proper 2 player mode.
This is probably the best port amongst 8 bit computers, and even if not, it is always referenced as such by Amstrad CPC fans in the "8 bit war" when C64 users claim it to be a lame machine.
Even the [[Commodore 64|C64]] and [[MSX]] ports , two machines often judged superior to Amstrad CPC in many ways, were somewhat inferior compared to the CPC version.  The MSX version was named Contra as it was produced by Japanese company, while most westerner home computer systems had it under the Gryzor Brandbrand-nameas they were produced under license by Westerner companies, all of them being more or less approximate adaptations from the same Arcade game anyway.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the MS-DOS PC version was miles behind too.