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464Plus Conversion

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== Jonathanen's Easy Way To 464+ Conversion ==
* All you need to do is to follow the steps from 2 - 4 on "[[Expanding_from_CPC_464_to_CPC_6128_Spec|Expanding 464 to 6128 Specification - For CPC 464 Series only!!]]" instructions, as its very similar to CPC 464 modifications or simply, just take out the following peripherals mentioned in Step 3 on "[[Expanding_from_CPC_464_to_CPC_6128_Spec|Expanding 464 to 6128 Specification]]" from your CPC 464 and transfer them to CPC 464+, except you need an adaptor - "Widget: Plus (Centronics) to Card Edge Converter" ([[Expansion_Converter|UK/DE Expansion Converter]]) first and must sure it is plugged into "[[Connector:Expansion_port|Expansion]]" socket.
* After all that, you can then play games or load programs on Tape, Cartridge or either 3” or 3.5” Discs. The choice is yours! See! Its very simple - no soldering required.
* Its very easy and I was right all the long. Also, I both find it out and experiment it all by myself, easy and very simple way to upgrade Amstrad [;c=26 CPC 464+] to CPC 6128+ spec without the need to get your hands dirty - no soldering required!
* Even its works perfectly on the Amstrad 464+ with a [[Rombo_Rombox|Rombo 8 Socket ROM Box]], but you'll need "Widget - Plus to edge connector" after I tested everything out completely, like (my very favourite testing stage for 3.5” disc drive) booting up CP/M Plus disc in drive A with no disc in drive B to make sure that 3.5” disc drive has a READY Signal by seeing “2 disc drives” on the screen when starting up CP/M Plus. Transferring DSK files back and fourth to PC and back to CPC, using [[MS800]], [[ParaDOS]] (replaced with the existing [[AMSDOS]] / CPM bootstrap ROM inside the [[Media:Gerald_DDI-1_MF0004B.jpg|disc interface]]) & CP/M Plus to format, copy discs onto 3.5” disc as well.
* I was both very proud and over excited as it works like a dream, as I exactly always wanted for a long, long time. Speaking of which, I prefer to use upgraded 464+ more than unexpanded 6128+ as unlike the CPC 664 / 6128, the CPC6128+ does not have a cassette connector (the CPC6128+ is missing the hardware required for cassette support), and therefore it is not possible to use cassette software without modification to the computer.