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Retro Gamer

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Magazine is now published by Future plc; added El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc to list of games reviewed
'''''Retro Gamer''''' is a magazine which as of 2017 is printed and published in the UK by [ Imagine PublishingFuture plc]. It is almost exclusively dedicated to re-visiting the halcyon days of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming (with the odd splash of 32-bit to provide controversy!)
Each issue (currently priced at £4.99as of 2017) features a range of articles with a wide reaching brief to entice as many readers in as possible, and as a result the [[CPC]] and some of its games have been featured a number of times (although not as much as most of us would like - such is the nature of personal prejudice!)
== List of Amstrad CPC games reviewed in ''Retro Gamer'' ==
|''[[Chibi Akuma(s)]]''||165||106||85%||
|''[[El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc]]''||170||109||92%||Awarded a ''Retro Gamer'' Sizzler