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Sprites Alive is a Software Package with the purpose to allow the creation of near commercial quality games in BASIC from Glenco.

Sprites Alive added new RSX commands.

This way the programmer is able to access sprites etc. from BASIC with no knowledge of assembler.

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(From the manual)

The program has the following features:-

  • 64 User definable sprites
  • Animation sequencing
  • Smooth pixel movement
  • True collision detection
  • Use of mode 0 or mode 1
  • Joystick or Keyboard control
  • Comprehensive sprite designer
  • Automated commands
  • Simple to understand instructions

The program has been designed to eliminate large amounts of BASIC, thereby making the programs easier to write and understand.

This is done by making the sprite program do most of the decision making for you. It is quite possible to write a game that only has three or four lines of BASIC for the main loop. The rest of the program would set up the sprite and music data.

If you take a look at the listings of the demonstration programs you will be able to see just how simple they are.

You should be able to write. programs just like them in no time at all.