Super Pipeline II

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Super Pipeline II

Super Pipeline II is a game from Amsoft/Taskset/Mastertronic.


Title: Super Pipeline II
Company: Amsoft/Taskset/Mastertronic
Type: Arcade
Year: 1985
Soft Num. UK: 987 / 1987
Soft Num. FR:


Super Pipeline II by Taskset

As Foreman Fred you must defend the pipework supply against the attacks from the manic power drills as they cause leaks and protect your workmen from gnawing caterpillars and ferocious hammers.

Fix any leaks as quickly as possible by taking at least one workman to the leak - Protect him until he's finished hammering and the flow will be restored.


A manic arcade platformer requiring quick wits and reactions.

Ferociously addictive and easy to pick-up, Super Pipeline II has stood the test of time pretty well and is worth a quick blast.


Amstrad Action praised the "Slick Graphics and Music" but felt that the game was "Mastered too easily" in their initial review but had clearly softened to it by the time it was re-released describing it as "an immensely good game the first time it came out" and remarking that it "still seems good on comparison with much other software"

Amtix felt that it was "a very playable game which should have most people addicted quickly. The graphics are good and the movement is smooth." At the time of re-issue their opinion had not altered much and they advised that this was still "a game well worth adding to your collection"

AA: Issue 01 (Oct '85) Page 70-71 71%
Amtix: Issue 01 (Nov '85) Page 101 86%
AA: Issue 15 (Dec '86) Page 70-71 76%
Amtix: Issue 15 (Jan '87) Page 130 70%

Compilations & Re-Releases


  • Also released for the ZX Spectrum & Commodore 64
  • Although advertised for the CPC, this game's predecessor (a smash hit on the C64 simply known as Pipeline) was never released, Amsoft opting to release the follow-up instead.