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Screenshot of SymStudio showing the form editor
Screenshot of SymStudio generated 16 colour forms using the standard CPC palette

SymStudio is a Windows-based integrated development environment ("IDE") for SymbOS and is developed by Trebmint.


SymStudio contains the following modules:

  • Form editor: The form editor allows to design and edit the complete appearance of SymbOS windows ("forms"). Forms contain a set of controls (like click-buttons, texts, graphics, sliders etc.), which can be inserted and adjusted with the help of SymStudio.
  • Code editor: The program code editor supports syntax highlighting and allows to develop event based code, like it is used for SymbOS.
  • Graphic gallery: You can convert any graphic into the SymbOS format and manage it inside the graphic gallery module.
  • Video converter: AVIs, MPEGs etc. can be converted into the SymbOS video format (*.VID) used by SymPlay.
  • SymBasic: Beside assembler you can also use an event-based version of BASIC for coding SymbOS applications. SymBasic is similiar to MS Visual Basic, and as the code is compiled it is much faster than the original CPC Locomotive Basic.

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