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  • Sorry for this one, but the subject can be quite interesting...

but I admit i'm not good in Codes so if peoples could improve this ? MacDeath

  • True it is interesting. I've tried do the same kind of multiplexing that can be seen on the c64, but so far it wasn't as successful as I hoped. Arnoldemu

  • cannot be done as on a C64, because to change the data of a Hard Sprite take fare longer for the Amsttrad.

Yet it can be well used on multi level Plateforms(if few animations, as in a Mario-like game) or Shooters (most animations use only 2-3 frames... so with only 2-3 sprites slots you can get a full vertical/diagonal wave of enemies.

Another possibility when you use such animated multiplexed Sprites : asynchronous animation.

Say, a 3 or 2 frames load your 3 frames at 3 sprites Slots.

Then you generate your waves. Sprites on the same lines would use different animation frame so would match (be at the same line) yet you can multiplex all of those Vertically. Strange but possible.

As a result, only 3 Hard Sprite slots can be used to cover a good part of the screen with animated sprites...

To mix this can then be used in Dragoninja, Robocop or shinoby like games...yet you easily come out of Sprites Slots (only 16...and a good human sprite takes easily 2 Sprites... But as most levels are one multiple levels/stairs (platforms?)...Warum nicht ? MacDeath