Teac 3" Disc Drive

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Teac 3" drive model FD-30A.

This drive is compatible with the CPC. I believe it is the same drive used inside the Einstein TC-01 computer.


The drive is single sided. It has direct drive for the disc motor like modern 3.5" drives.

It has a 34-way PCB edge and can be connected to the CPC with a suitable cable (use an old PC cable) or put inside a PC for transfering discs (in this case you will need an old floppy cable with both edge connectors and IDC connectors).

It has a standard 4-pin PC compatible power supply connector.

Jumper settings:

DS0 - Drive select 0
DS1 - Drive select 1
DS2 - Drive select 2
DS3 - Drive select 3
ML  - ?
MI  - ?
USI - ?

The drive has an edge connector.

From memory the drive LED changes colour when in use between red and green.


Some of these pictures were taken from more of a side view, the reason is that the metal casing is reflective and you could see me and my camera in the picture. So I had to move a little to avoid this.