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Teletext Adaptor and Tuner from Microtext Ltd.

Teletext offers one-directional data transmission, broadcast via an television signal (it is a ViewData like system).

Required UHF/VHF Decoder (Tuner)

The Microtext adaptor does not include a UHF/VHF decoder. Instead, it requires a composite video signal - which can be obtained from following sources:

  • From the Video Out socket of a Video Recorder (if one does own a VCR)
  • From the Microtext's Tuner (which was sold separately, for users who don't own VCRs)
    • The Microtext Tuner was intended to supply a Composite signal for Teletext adaptor.
    • I.e. unlike other CPC Tuners (like the MP-3) which were intended to supply an RGB signal to the CTM644 monitor.


Unknown if the software included support for downloading Telesoftware? (hardware-wise it should be no problem since Telesoftware is transmitted as normal Teletext pages).


pictures provided by Terje Grind

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Download manual as a pdf file: media:Microtext Teletext Adaptor Manual.pdf