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Two contests were organized :

&2007 bytes compo results:

  1. BND#2007 code by Krusty/Benediction and design by Supersly/Les Sucres en Morceaux.
  2. Tragedy (AmstradPlus only). A fucktro to Semilanceata made during the party. Funny, in every possible way :)
  3. Rien/Shinra team.
  4. Delty/Arkos. A melodic gift for Candy/OVL :)

Croco compo:

  1. Allergy/Semilanceata (AmstradPlus only). A fast made intro finished at the party place (Thx Ker ;:).
  2. Synergy/Impact (AmstradPlus only). AST is very back! Feature a DMA-SID player and some hardware banging stuff.
  3. Tux.
  4. LiquidSnake/Revival (AmstradPlus only). Feature a Sega MasterSystem chiptune while displaying weird plasmazoïd-like stuff.