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Titlescreen of the game
Developer Unknown
Company Firebird
Publisher Firebird
Musician Unknown
Release 1986
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Shoot'Em Up
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english
Information Unknown


Setup: Planets, the universe

In Thrust you steer a space-craft which is equipped with a laser and a tractor beam.

With the tractor beam, one can harvest the needed fuel. The laser helps to defeat enemies on the ground.

The aim is to get a sphere off the planet. In order to do that, one locks the tractor beam onto it. But then the player has to manage the swinging weight of the sphere, which pulls him in any direction as it reacts to gravity.


The resistance is about to launch a major offensive against the Intergalactic Empire. In preparation for this, they have captured several battle grade starships, but they lack the essential power sources for these formidable craft: Klystron Pods. You have been commissioned by the resistance to steal these pods from the Empire's storage planets. Each planet is defended by a battery of 'Limpet' guns, powered by a nuclear power plant. By firing shots at the power plant, the guns can be temporarily disabled. The more shots fired at the nuclear reactor, the longer the guns will take to recharge. BUT BEWARE!! If you fire too many shots at the reactor, it will become critical, giving you just ten seconds to clear the planet before it is destroyed. If you have not already retrieved the pod stored at that planet, then you will have failed the mission. If you have retrieved the pod and manage to send the reactor into its critical phase and leave the planet safely, you will receive a hefty bonus. Further into the Empire's system, you will encounter planets with REVERSE GRAVITY and something even more deadly....



Game Map