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A quite good Arcade game from TAD Corporation.

Home computers ports were executed by OCEAN (famous for this kind of production)

An unreleased cartridge game for GX4000/CPC+.

A supposed screenshot was shown in Amstrad Action (although this may have been a mock up). This game is believed to have not been finished.

Some Advertisements claimed it would be released alongside Amiga and Atari ST ports, but it ended as a VaporWare. The same goes with the Speccy version who managed to get pictures in ZX Spectrum press, but ended as a VaporWare too.

The main problem is that this game could have been a bit too ambitious for a 8bit system. The C64 port (only 8 bit home computer port release) wasn't that bad at all. But one of the main difficulty was the large and numerous sprites or Bosses used in the Arcade game.

It was coded by David Looker. It is rumoured that they had 1 level running and wanted to use a larger sized cartridge but Ocean said "no".

Recently in Retro Gamer there was a picture of some monkey sprites that are from the GX4000 version.

A new version for amstrad is announced for 2019 by the [1]