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Trantor is know as one of the most awesome looking Amstrad CPC game. It features a lot of sweet pleasures such as digitalized sounds, smoot flawless scrolling, big sprites, lots of colours, a proper animated game intro and so on.


Title: Trantor - The Last Stormtrooper
Company: US Gold
Type: Platform
Year: 1987

Game map


Longplay on Youtube, courtesy of the mighty Axelino :


Video showing the ZX Spectrum version just to see how lame it could be :



Trantor, Manual (pdf)


The tape version of Trantor came with a song on side B. The song is the mono music track "The Fight" by the rock band Resister (Tolster/Oliver)

Trantor, Music (wav, zipped)

The original recording above is 8-bit and quite poorly recorded. Here is an edited (declipped, DC bias reset, hiss removed, EQ altered) MP3 version of the original:

Trantor, Music (mp3)

Trantor 2

When you complete Trantor a message is displayed that Trantor 2 will soon come from Probe Software. Of course, nothing ever came out of it.

Trantor end.png