Ultra Son

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Screenshot of Ultra Son

Ultra Son is software which enables to reproduce vocal and musical data, thanks to the Cassette/Tape/Datacorder.

The data can be then used in your basic or assembler programs or without the software.


Ultra Son was developed in 1988 by Ludovic Deplanque and Stephane Saint-Martin, and was released by MBC.

  • Because it uses the Datacorder, it cannot be used by a 6128+, unless you modify it by Hardwire Tape connector.
  • But it is possible (and even easier) to use a good modern Sound player (mp3...audio CD...) with a proper Din5/Jack adaptator on a CPC6128

Did you know?

  • The green faces you can see on the picture is the character Davros, creator of the Dalecks, from the Doctor Who british franchise.
  • This application may be a good excuse to add a Tape driver socket on your 6128+ or to use a 464+.