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Hello world ! I'm not a musician. A bit retrogamer and collector, I make stuff for chiptune and demoscene on Atari ST, Game Boy, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Amiga, MT32, Renoise. I'm a member of the demoscene group Brainstorm. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC in 1989 ♥

  • Ultrasyd

Sydney the Ultrasyd

Ultrasyd (Sydney Plumey) is a Chip Tune artist known to use AY based machines, notably Atari STe (with Jaguar controllers) and Amstrad CPC6128, or classic nintendo GameBoy.

He played in New-York or in Japan at various chiptune festivals such as the BLIP Festival.

He also participated in some Amstrad productions, be it games or demos or music disks.

He passed away on October 15th 2020, according to social network's friends, he was only 40 years old. Condoleance to his wife and child.

Amstrad productions

check his CPCpower's page for downloads or more informations.


  • Lonely Robot : Music made with Arkos Tracker. Featured in the NOW! Music Disk by Brainstorm & the Color Lines game by GPA.


a killer chiptunes (like every others in the Color Line project).

  • Live @Blip Festival 2011 - New York


  • Live @ Blip Festival 2012 - Tokyo


  • Ultrasyd - Thank You


  • Ultrasyd - Chipdancers


  • Ultrasyd - Campylobacter's Groove




  • Check Ultrasyd's Youtube channel as well : Click here!