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My CPC464 and I
Hi guys, I'm from Alicante, Spain.

My dad got our first CPC464 imported from the UK by 1985, when I was 6. After a few years I decided to get another one because I missed my CPC464 a lot. So, I got my CPC464 Revision 2, this time with Spanish keyboard and Ñ and Peseta keys. Awesome!!!

Roland on the Ropes was the first videogame I played in my life on Amstrad. I remember myself playing Roland with my dad and waiting for the load, as well. Good times!! I also remember another one called Laserwarp... Then, my friends and I played lots of videogames, recording tapes with my double cassette deck.

Now, I've modified my CPC464 to load .cdt files from my Android mobile and also made a gamepad from a PSX one.

Welcome mate! Make sure you visit out forum :) Gryzor (talk)
That's for sure, dude! Forcy (talk)