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Your Computer was a British multi-platform magazine published monthly from 1981 to 1988 covering the range of home microcomputers along the way. Your Computer was a spin-off from the British magazine Practical Computing. In early 1987 they starting focusing on the PC and Mac markets and got rid of type-ins etc which also lost a lot of readers. Within a year the magazine closed. There was an Australian version of this magazine as well, of the same name and similarly themed (however it ran longer - from 1981 to 1997).

It contains some info about the early CPC history - for example, a CPC464 preview in the May 1984 issue (a month before the CPC464 was launched in June 1984) - which isn't found in CPC-specific magazines like Amstrad Computer User (which was launched in August 1984). Other Amstrad content such as reviews and type-ins followed and became regular. By early 1987 CPC content began to taper off.

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Your Computer CPC Type-ins

Some early CPC type-ins. Caution: Quality of the scans isn't perfect (some are printed in tiny letters, which are more or less impossible to decipher). Please upload better scans...!

Please find a number of programs from Your Computer are available through CPC-Power Archives:

Better scans are also available too.

Your Computer - Australia

Your Computer Bumper book of Programs