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Box Front
Developer Unknown
Company Ubi Soft
Publisher Ubi Soft
Musician Unknown
Release 1990
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Adventure
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard
Media disk
Language Language:english Language:french
Information Unknown

Unofficial adaptation from a well-known George Andrew Romero film: Dawn of the Dead (known as simply "Zombie" in French/France).

Zombi on CPC is also the very first commercial product from Ubisoft (now one of the biggest name in video Games industry).


The nightmare has just begun.
For mysterious reasons, dead people came back to life to feed themselves on the flesh of human being. The earth is inhabited by millions of Zombies, who are spreading terror, and by gangs of hooligans, who are ready to do anything to survive.
Yet four people didn't lose hope and decided to run away for new horizons.
When there is no room left in Hell....
... dead people come back to Earth.

Release Date

This game was originally released in France in 1986, as listed in the links below. It was re-released in 1990, including on other platforms such as the Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS. This release is the re-release, as the screenshots (according to the box) are of the Atari ST version which did not exist in 1986.


The characters' portraits represent the faces of the Ubisoft team from the era. They were re-used in Hurlement, a spin-off using almost the same game engine but Werewolf themed.

Ubisoft will later become well known for their graphical adventure and RPG games in Mode1 on the Amstrad CPC, producing awesomeness such As Iron Lord, Le Maitre des Ames, Fer & Flammes and so on.