ACU Issue 01 (Aug/Sep 1984)

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The very first issue of Amstrad Computer User published by Amsoft and distributed to members of the Amstrad User Club. This issue was not available for sale in the shops but thanks to the early popularity of the User Club, the magazine is still pretty widespread and frequently comes up for auction on ebay and the likes.


Page Number Title Description
Page 5 Editorial
Page 6 News
Page 9 Overview
Page 11 Q&A
Page 13 Printing Money
Page 15 Software Reviews
Page 16 The Surprise Listing
Page 22 Programs
Page 25 CAD for beginners
Page 25 Bustout!
Page 29 Competition Time

Games reviewed

Codename MAT


Roland in the Caves

Roland on the Ropes

Oh Mummy

Type ins


Acu8408bustout1.png Acu8408bustout2.png

Function Keys Example

No Screenshot

Load Screen Example

Acu8408loadscrn1.png Acu8408loadscrn2.png

Save Screen Example

Acu8408savescrn1.png Acu8408savescrn2.png

Test Pattern

Acu8408testpatt1.png Acu8408testpatt2.png

Acu8408testpatt3.png Acu8408testpatt4.png

Acu8408testpatt5.png Acu8408testpatt6.png


The Surprise Listing

Acu8408surprise1.png Acu8408surprise2.png




Wire Frame Graphics Plotter

Acu8408plotter1.png Acu8408plotter2.png

Acu8408plotter3.png Acu8408plotter4.png

Acu8408plotter5.png Acu8408plotter6.png

All of these programmes can be found on this Disk Image (with thanks to Ervin)