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Amstrad Action August 1987 Type-Ins

The following listings were published in the August 1987 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Mandelbrot Generator (Alex Clark)
  • Number Game (Daniel Berman)
  • Degrees Conversion (A. E. Turner)
  • Character-by-character Print (B. Naff)
  • Reaction Tester (Kevin Stafferton)
  • Catalogue to Variables (Martin Packer)
  • Decompress Pictures (Stuart Lockey) - consists of two listings to expand screens compressed with The Advanced OCP Art Studio
  • Mixing Hash and Pound (T. Lea)

Hot Tips

  • Thrust scroll (Patrick Connolly) - a scrolling effect similar to that used to display the loading screen in Firebird's Thrust
  • Fuzz (David Bowman)
  • Shaky sound (Mike Worsley) - shakes the screen and produces an explosion sound effect
  • Upside-down (Paul Bower) - redefines the character set
  • Format detecting (T. Middelkamp)
  • Dotty characters (Michael) - redefines the character set - the author's surname is unknown

Mandelbrot Generator includes an option to generate a selection of six pictures of the Mandelbrot set. The program takes more than 25 hours to generate all six pictures!


Amstrad Action omitted to publish the program to load the six pictures created by Mandelbrot Generator. The listing was published in the September 1987 issue.


One of the variables for the first of the six pictures created by Mandelbrot Generator is incorrect, leaving a blank area on the left of the picture.

Mixing Hash and Pound does not adjust HIMEM correctly, which means that the machine code routine will overwrite the first byte of any other data that is already stored just above HIMEM.