Barbarian (Palace Software)

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Barbarian (Palace Software) also known as "Barbarian : The Ultimate Warrior" or "Death Sword" in the United States.

Not to be confused with "Barbarian", a MelbourneHouse/Psygnosis game from 1988.


Title: Barbarian : the Ultimate Warrior
Company: Palace Software
Publisher: Ocean
Type: Beat-em-up
Year: 1987

Distributed by : Ocean Software

Copyright : Palace Software

Original Design : Steve BROWN

Coded by : Mc LOTHLORIEN

Programmed by : Paul ATKINSON

Fan Service : Maria Whittaker

The game

It is a violent game which started a polemic in its time due to violence and sex.

Boobs from a certain Maria Whittaker were not stranger to this.

Of course it was a complete success and the game is remembered as one of the best of its genre and era.

Largely inspired from Conan the Babarian


Barbarian 2 ( Cartridge ) : also known as Barbarian : Dungeon of Drax.

Barbarian III actually went Vaporware.


Karatian and other mods were produced featuring Barbarian's gameplay or graphics, with mostly extra backgrounds.



A display of the game by Ataru75


A comparison of 6 different versions courtesy of Abrimaal.

It seems clear that the CPC version was certainly the best 8 bit version concerning Graphics.