The Mojon Twins

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The Mojon Twins is a Spanish team of game developers.

Perhaps recently one of the most active team still releasing games on Amstrad CPC.

Oh, and they should put an english version on their site. ;-p

Ports and Crossdev

The Mojon Twins are a company who release on multiple Z80 based machines.

This features MSX computers, ZX Spectrum computers and of course Amstrad CPC computers, all of them used to be quite popular in Spain in the 80's.

As a method they developed some Game engines in C language that can be easily ported on most of those machines with only few changes (for example Cprslib by Artaburu) to manage the different video issues.

These games can be seen as some kind of Manic Miner like. They also put a lot of sexy women in their games...


"The Mojon Engine"

The mscmk1 (Mojontwins Script Compiler for MK1) is written in FreeBASIC.