Advanced Amstrad CPC6128 Computing

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Title: Advanced Amstrad CPC6128 Computing
Authors: Ian Sinclair
Publisher: Collins
Year: 1986
Pages: 170
ISBN: 0-00-383300-3



1. The disc system.
2. Backing up.
3. Others system utilities.
4. BASIC filing techniques.
5. A database example - filing cabinet.
6. Mastering the screen.
7. Sound envelopes.
8. Printers.
9. The extra memory.

Appendix A: Using a TV receiver.
Appendix B: CP/M Plus control codes.
Appendix C: Editing and debugging.
Appendix D: Contents of sides 1 - 3 and help file
Appendix E: The ASCII codes in  Hex.
Appendix F: Programmable keys.
Appendix G: Error trapping.
Appendix H: XOR, AND, OR.