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A Quick Reference Guide to the BASIC AND SYSTEM OPERATIONS of the Amstrad.


Title: Amstrad Micro Guide
Authors: Prof. Peter Morse, Brian Hancock
Publisher: Century Communications LTD.
Year: 1986
Pages: 27


Amstrad Micro Guide - Preface

01. Conventions and terms used

02. Control keys

03. Operating system commands

04. Arithmetic and Logic operations

05. BASIC numeric functions

06. BASIC string functions

07. Graphics commands

08. Sound commands

09. General AMSDOS commands

10. AMSDOS and BASIC file commands

11. CP/M commands

12. Error messages

13. Memory map

14. List of Amstrad keywords


The Century Microguide to the Amstrad is a conveniently sized, clearly laid out, quick reference guide for the busy Amstrad owner. lt comprehensively summarizes all the essential information needed by the Amstrad enthusiast and includes:

  • Special Keyboard Features
  • Alphabetic Quick Reference
  • Locomotive BASIC Commands
  • Sound, Graphics, Text and Colour
  • Numeric, Trigonometric and String Functions
  • Input/Output Functions
  • Arithmetic and Logic Operations
  • File Handling Commands
  • Indirection Operators
  • Memory Maps
  • Error Handling, Codes and Messages
  • Operating System Commands
  • Disc System Commands

Each command is illustrated with simple examples to show how it is used in context and there are practical hints throughout the book.

Scanned pages - Contents