Amstrad Whole Memory Guide

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Title: Amstrad Whole Memory Guide
Authors: Don Thomasson
Publisher: Melbourne House
Year: 1985
Pages: 154
ISBN: 0-86161-199-3



1. General system Arrangement

2. The RAM routines

3. The machine pack


5. The display system

6. The screen pack

7. The text VDU

8. The graphics VDU

9. The key manager

10. The cassette manager

11. The sound manager

12. External ROMs

13. BASIC support

14. The BASIC interpreter

Appendix 1: Support programs

Appendix 2: Index by location

Appendix 3: Memory map



This book is the definitive guide for all serious programmers on the Amstrad CPC464. Don Thomasson has examined every aspect of the Amstrad — its peripherals, the ROM and the RAM routines. This book contains a breakdown and expianation of all of the following:

Memory Map, Windows

Input/Output Map, Matrix data

Outer Peripherals, Text output

Jumpblock Entries, Graphics VDU

RAM routines, Keyboard routines

Main Reset, Input routines

Printer routines, Keylcode table

Interrupt Handler, Break functions

Event System, Cassette messages

Screen RAM, Cassette routines

Streams, Cassette calls

Parameters, File types

Mode control, Sound calls

Addresses, External ROM command words

Inks, External ROM routines

Flash System, BASIC routines

General routines, BASIC interpreter


All of the routines available in the Amstrad are detailed with explanations and tables, as weIl as Information on how to use the routines.

The book also contains a guide to all possible ROM configurations. The appendices include two programs that will allow you to examine the routines in the Amstrad and test various parameters.

lf you are involved in programming the Amstrad CPC464 then you must have this book.

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