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Amstradbladet was a Danish CPC magazine running from 1984 to 1988.

The Amstrad CPC was a late entry to the Danish computing scene. Commodore was already established (since 1982), when the Amstrad CPC arrived in Denmark in October 1984.

Other than Commodore, Amstrad was the most successful manufacturer of home computers for the Danish market in the 1980s. After the closure of Amstradbladet the dominance of Commodore was apparent in Denmark.

A dedicated group of people left when Amstradbladet closed, and started Amstrad Bruger Bladet. Amstrad Bruger Bladet published its last issue in November 1989.

Amstradbladet often featured comparative reviews with other Amstrad products (like the ZX Spectrum) and similar english computers like the Z-88.

Amstradbladets main focus was the Amstrad CPC, but did also support the Amstrad PCW and the Amstrad PC range.

Online Issues:

  • Problems - please fix:
    • Amstradbladet 1985, Issue 5 - all missing, not yet scanned (also observe that filenames of Issue 4 jpg's are named as if they were issue 5) (eg. "File:Amstrad Bladet8505001.jpg" should be "File:Amstrad Bladet8504001.jpg" - this may also apply to the pages, or not? please verify what is wrong and fix it)
    • Amstradbladet 1985, Issue 6 - pages 26 and 27 are missing, not yet scanned
Amstrad Bladet8401001.jpg
1984, Issue 1
Amstrad Bladet8502001.jpg
1985, Issue 2
Amstrad Bladet8503001.jpg
1985, Issue 3
Amstrad Bladet8505001.jpg
1985, Issue 4
Amstrad Bladet8506001.jpg
1985, Issue 6
Amstrad Bladet8601001.jpg
1986, Issue 1
Amstrad Bladet8602001.jpg
1986, Issue 2
Amstrad Bladet860304001.jpg
1986, Issue 3/4
Amstrad Bladet8605001.jpg
1986, Issue 5
Amstrad Bladet8606001.jpg
1986, Issue 6
Amstrad Bladet8701001.jpg
1987, Issue 1
Amstrad Bladet8702001.jpg
1987, Issue 2
Amstrad Bladet8703001.jpg
1987, Issue 3
Amstrad Bladet8704001.jpg
1987, Issue 4
Amstrad Bladet8705001.jpg
1987, Issue 5
Amstrad Bladet8706001.jpg
1987, Issue 6
Amstrad Bladet8707001.jpg
1987, Issue 7
Amstrad Bladet8708001.jpg
1987, Issue 8
Amstrad Bladet8709001.jpg
1987, Issue 9
Amstrad Bladet8810001.jpg
1988, Issue 10