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BBS terminal is a terminal program for the Amstrad CPC written by Glenn Wilton when he was 16 years old. It is based on a version of Ewenterm prior to 2.2b release. It was written in 1991. It appeared on Robot PD disc 13100.

Notes from the author about the contents of the disc with the binaries on it:

" This program consists of:

TERM504B.BIN    } The main comms program
ANSISET1.BIN    } The new character sets : MSDOS Ansi compatible
DIR0.BBS        } The directory files
DIR1.BBS        }
DIR2.BBS        }
HELP.BBS        } Help screen
D1.BAS          } Basic loader for Ansiset1 - use RUN"D1
D2.BAS          } Basic loader for Ansiset2 - use RUN"D2
READ.ME         } This file



  • 20 entry * 6 page dialing directory
  • Continuous dial
  • Xmodem / Xmodem 1K CRC
  • Ansi emulation (Yes really - I kid you not!)
  • IBM character set
  • Pull down menu Driven
  • Logon Timer
  • Capture buffer
  • handle up to 2400 (maybe 9600)


  • Amstrad CPC 464,664,6128
  • Amstrad RS232
  • Disc Drive
  • Modem

The source can be built with Maxam.

Thank you to Glenn for his permission to upload the binaries and sources here on cpcwiki.