Bells and Whistles on the Amstrad CPC 464

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Title: Bells and Whistles on the Amstrad CPC 464
Authors: Jeremy Vine
Publisher: Shiva
Year: 1984
Pages: 89
ISBN: ISBN 1-85014-063-4




01. What Can I Do?.
02. A Sound Statement.
03. Sounds Abound!.
04. A Musical Interlude.
05. The Sound of Music.
06. The Volume Envelope.
07. The Tone Envelope.
08. Whiz Bang Wallop!.
09. Music Maestro Please.
10. Dig That Beat!.
11. Bells and Whistles.

Appendix A : Amstrad BASIC Keyword Summary.
Appendix B : Sound Parameters.
Appendix C : Volume Envelope Parameters.
Appendix D : Tone Envelope Parameters.
Appendix E : Frequency, Pitch and Note Table.
Appendix F : The Sound Chip - Technical Notes.