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Compute mit, issue 08/1988

Magazine name: Compute mit
Publisher: Tronic Verlag GmbH und Co., Eschwege
Language: German
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 2,80 DM (1.43 €) / 3,80 DM (1.94 €)
First issue: 23/84
Last issue: 8/88

Editorial staff

  • Editorial staff
    • Frank Brall
    • Thomas Brandt (Chief editor)
    • Axel Credé (responsible, publisher)
    • Holger Crede
    • Siegfried Görk
    • Torsten Hering
    • Manfred Kleimann
    • Volker Lohrengel (Chief editor)
    • Ottfried Schmidt
    • Martina Strack
    • Michael Suck
    • Hartmut Wendt (Chief editor)
  • Free-lances
    • Volker Becker
    • Rolf Freitag

Target market

The Compute mit aimed at the semi-professional CPC and Commodore user. It contained market news, hardware and software tests and software listings for Amstrad CPC, Commodore C-64, Commodore VIC-20/VC-20, Commodore C-16/C-116 and Commodore Plus/4.

It was printed on newsprint and (title-page excepted) totally in black and white so it could been sold very cheap.