Das große Grafikbuch zum CPC

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That went well…

Graphics programming in BASIC and assembler on the CPC and Joyce.

Some topics covered: 2-D plotting and diagrams, 3-D vector graphics, light pen input, sprite generation, GSX, and detailed descriptions of graphics ROM routines.

The floppy disc with example programs was not included with the book, but could be purchased extra.


Title: Das Große Grafikbuch zum CPC
Authors: Jürgen Steigers - Thomas Vervost
Publisher: Data Becker
Year: 1986
Pages: 592
ISBN: 3-89011-207-2


  • Einleitung...15
  • Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich...19
  • Der Zeichensatz – eine Fundgrube für Grafikelemente...49
  • Abstrakte Kunst in BASIC...145
  • Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte – Geschäftsgrafik...161
  • Grafische Darstellung mathematischer Funktionen...205
  • 3–D-Vektorgrafik...235
  • Darf's auch etwas mehr sein – Peripheriegerät...283
  • CPC-Maschinenprogrammierung...305
  • GSX, die grafische Systemerweiterung...495
  • Anhang – Grafikbezogene BASIC-Befehle...555
  • Glossar...573
  • Index...581


Files on disc

ALTZEICH.BAS  16K (define a vaguely Spectrum-like character set)
CHART   .BAS   6K (business graphics)
CHREDIT .BAS   5K (character editor)
DESTROY .BAS  10K (Destroyed, a space shoot-em-up)
GRIDRUNN.BAS   1K (animation demo with palette cycling)
HARDCOPY.BAS   2K (send screen to printer)
HORN    .BAS   1K (abstract art)
HWROLL  .ASM   2K (hardware scrolling)
HWROLL  .BAS   1K (hw scrolling BASIC demo)
INTER   .BAS   1K (Moiré patterns)
KOORDINA.BAS   2K (draw X-Y axes)
KREISE  .BAS   2K (circle-based abstract art)
KUCHEN  .BAS   3K (pie chart)
PARALLEL.BAS   2K (parallel projection of a cube)
PICTURE .BAS   5K (use characters to display a low-res picture)
PLOTTER .BAS   3K (function plotter; start with "run 112")
PUNKTE  .BAS   3K (2-D plotting)
ROMDISAS.BAS   6K (ROM disassembler;
                   the book has comments for the assembly listing
                   generated by ROMDISAS)
SPREDIT .BAS   4K (sprite editor)
SPRGEN  .ASM   8K (sprite generator)
SPRLADER.BAS   2K (BASIC sprite loader)
SPRTST  .BAS   3K (BASIC sprite test program)
SPRUCH  .BAS   2K (banner printing)
TIEFE   .BAS   1K (abstract drawings)
UMLAUTE .BAS   2K (German umlauts)
WAVE    .BAS   1K (line art)
WORLD   .BAS   9K (3-D wireframe graphics)
ZEICHPRG.BAS   3K (drawing program)