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This page is here to catalogue screen comparisons of games or softwares between CPC versions and other systems.

Such comparisons is quite often a great way to spot the Cross devs or ports from systems to otherS.

Feel free to get this page to evolve, and have more contents. Homemade comparisons pictures are prefered. Please never use .jpg files, only .png or comparable formats that would not destroy the pixel art.

Many of those can be found on the web in the 8-16 BIT wars flavoured dramas/blogs/forums.

Some links

  • To have a lot of games tested and compared on various versions, you may go to the Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog.

This website includes a lot of amstrad CPC games alongside their counterparts from all the inferiors other systems.

Link :

Games screenshots

Games Intro Pages

Video links

Many youtube channels are dedicated to compare games on different systems. Sadly Amstrad CPC is often used in many Speccy Port comparisons.

  • 8Bit Wars by locomaniacs1hmps

Check the locomaniacs1hmps youtube channel for many 8-bit wars videos.

Here the playlist :

an exemple : {{#ev:youtube|w1jn1BFtgq4|300}}

  • CPC vs GX4000 by Novabug

{{#ev:youtube|20ZBzhKoGdI|300}} {{#ev:youtube|DRDlE0f8GaI|300}} {{#ev:youtube|nPEeqIEgO_0|300}} {{#ev:youtube|3LaHwU5A0gk|300}} | {{#ev:youtube|_XNDx8A8WUQ|300}}

Other Links