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iDSK on OS X

iDSK is a port of ManageDSK to Linux, Mac OS X and other UNIX OS made by Sid. This port is command-line only but features all the important functionality needed to manage DSK files:

  • Create a empty .DSK file (in DATA format),
  • Add some files in an existing .DSK file,
  • Extract some files from an existing .DSK file,
  • Rename some files contained in a .DSK file,
  • Delete some files contained in a .DSK file,

You can download its source at Sid's homepage. (If you run Arch Linux, here is an AUR package.)

This tool works on all Unix platforms, unlike cpcfs/cpcxfs which suffers from many endianness problems and can't work on PowerPC, for example. The command line interface is designed for easy integration in a makefile, making it more efficient for cross development.

You will probably want to use dsktools to write the dsk image to a real floppy.