Introducing Amstrad CP/M Assembly Language

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Title: Introducing Amstrad CP/M Assembly Language
Authors: Ian Sinclair
Publisher: Collins
Year: 1986
Pages: 145
ISBN: 0-00-383309-7



1. ROM, RAM, Bytes and Bits.
2. Digging inside the CPC6128 & PCW8256.
3. The miracle microprocessor.
4. Register actions.
5. Taking a bigger Byte.
6. CP/M Interactions.
7. More routines.
8. SID, ED and family.
9. Disc use and utility programs.

Appendix A: Languages under CP/M.
Appendix B: Adrressing methods of the 8080.
Appendix C: 8080 instructions.
Appendix D: The ED commands.
Appendix E: The ASCII codes in Hex.
Appendix F: Effect on Flags.
Appendix G: Calls to 0005H.