Kong Strikes Back

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Cover of Kong Strikes Back

Kong Strikes Back is a platform type arcade game, and an alternative sequel to the classic Donkey Kong theme. The official sequel was Donkey Kong Jr., a game unfortunately not released for the Amstrad. Nevertheless, the game is simple and addictive, and has a very catchy in-game tune.

From the game cover:
"Guide your man up the fairground track to rescue your damsel in distress who is waiting impatiently for you at the top of the track. She is guarded by Kong who regularly releases cars down the Roller Coaster. You must avoid the cars or you will be knocked off the track and lose one of your four lives. You must also avoid other obstacles such as Waltzers, Hobby Horses, Bouncing Balls and Springs, and Swinging Gyms. You may stop the cars by bombing them but Kong will push another one out immideately. If your bonus time reaches zero you lose a life."


Title: Kong Strikes Back
Company: Ocean
Type: Arcade/platform
Year: 1984