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Let's Compute! Was a monthly British magazine that catered for the Electron, BBC Micro, Commodore, Atari ST, Spectrum, Archimedes and Amstrad CPC (although, strictly speaking, Issue 1 contained no Amstrad CPC content - from Issue 2 it did.). The magazine was 99 pence and only lasted 12 issues (August 1990 to July 1991).

It was produced by Database Publications - with the Managing Editor being Derek Meakin (from Computing with the Amstrad).The last two issues were published by Europress Publications.

The magazine covered as much as possible in its 48 pages - game reviews, news, cartoons/jokes, reader questions and type-ins. Sometimes the type-ins would specific only to certain platforms, other times they would provide you with the lines to change in order to make it work for your platform.

Online Issues