Nemesis Konami

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Title: Nemesis
Company: Konami
Type: Shoot-em-up (2D)
Year: 1987
No of Players: 1
Language: English


The planet Nemesis, a peaceful earth-like world is now under an all-out attack from its old enemies, beings from the sub-space star cluster of Bacterion. The people of Nemesis are in danger of being completely destroyed by the amoeboid Bacterions. To save them, you have just launched the prototype hyperspace fighter, the Warp Rattler. The entire galaxy awaits your duel to the death with the evil Bacterions. Your objective is the Bacterion superfortress, Zaerous. To reach this, you must steal the enemy power capsules along your route and boost the Warp Rattler's hyper-powers. You are the last hope for the gentle people of Nemesis! You will need all the courage and concentration to win. Get ready to blast off.