Panic Dizzy

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(Actual Amstrad screenshot)

The Story

One day, Grand Dizzy was putting the finishing touches to his brand new Toy Making Invention.

"Just got to tighten this last nut and we're ready... oooOOOh, eekk!".

Shouted Grand Dizzy as the spanner slipped and he fell to the floor.

"UURGH!!" moaned Grand Dizzy, "I've got a CRACKING EGGACHE, not I'll never finish testing my new Toy Making Machine.

Whatever shall I do?!" "Don't Worry!", replied Dizzy, "We'll help you!".

So Dizzy, Daisy, Denzil, Dylan, Dozy and Dora helped Grand Dizzy to the machine and manned their stations.

Whilst Dizzy grabbed the conveyor belt controller, the others went upstairs and threw the magic shapes down the shutes.

"Click, Crunch... Cough, Splutter", the machine kicked into action! "noooOOh, SLOW down...!.

Hang on...! Too fast...!, cried Dizzy, but the others couldn't hear him.

The toy making invention just kept getting faster...


Title: Panic Dizzy
Company: Codemasters
Type: Arcade
Year: 1991