Phantomas Tales

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A platform and latter game by The Mojon Twins

Game plot

From the authors site.

For centuries, rumours about a secret, mythical and mysterious civilization have travelled across the open wide space. Such civilization, inhabiting the dark and dangerous deepest caves from Mars, is dedicated to treasure tons of cubic gold, the finest and purest in the Universe. Nobody has ever seen them, but nobody will deny their existence. They simply “are”, but you just “can’t see them”.

For years, Phantomas has been tracing such mysterious civilization. Since he decided to give up his life of steal and robbery that he was designed for, after rebelling against his very own and deepest roots, he just wanted to build a place to live and rest forever, far away, on the planet Novgorod, between the basaltic mountains of Ngailhadam and the mercury rivers Hyarespone and Mithralaigáhn. Something that ambitious could only be taken care using the expensive cubic gold from Mars. It would be the last raid for Phantomas, before retiring to have his well-deserved rest after freeing the Universe from the dark conspirators from Andromeda.

Almost by chance, Phantomas discovered an intercommunication while he was searching a piece of terrain in the surface of Mars. Laboriously tracing such signal, he could find its origin and discover, full of joy, the whereabouts of one of the mines where the cubic gold was extracted by the legendary unknown civilization.



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