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;; RLE compressed hardware sprites
;; This example will only run on the CPC+.
;; In this example:
;; - An animation sequence is defined by a sequence of images (frames)
;; - The first frame is stored completely, subsequent frames are stored in a compressed
;;   format, where the data represents the differences between the new frame and the
;;   previous frame. (Each frame is a "delta" of the previous frame)
;; - The sequence must be played from the beginning to the end for the
;;   result to be correct; otherwise there will be errors.

;; this code must not be in the range &4000-&7fff, because it must 
;; run when the CPC+ hardware registers are active in this range.
org &8000

;; unlock asic to gain access to asic registers
ld b,&bc
ld hl,sequence
ld e,17
ld a,(hl)
out (c),a
inc hl
dec e
jr nz,seq


;; set initial sprite frame
xor a
ld (sprite_frame),a

call update_sprite

ld a,(sprite_frame)
inc a
ld (sprite_frame),a

;; update sprite ram with image data
;; DE = points to CPC+ hardware sprite RAM
;; A = index of sprite frame

;; page in ASIC hardware registers
ld bc,&7fb8
out (c),c

ld a,(sprite_frame)				;; sprite frame
ld l,a
add hl,hl						;; x2 to get offset in table
ld bc,sprite_frames				;; base of table
add hl,bc						;; address of entry in table
ld a,(hl)						;; get entry from table (address of sprite frame)
inc hl
ld h,(hl)
ld l,a

call rle_decode_sprite

;; page out ASIC hardware registers
ld bc,&7fa0
out (c),c

;; decode compressed sprite pixel data into the CPC+ hardware sprite RAM
;; HL = points to compressed sprite data pixel data
;; DE = points to CPC+ hardware sprite RAM
;; HL,DE,BC corrupt
;; compressed sprite pixel data format:
;; The data is a list of one or more "packets".
;; Each packet has a code byte with parameters dependant on the value of the code byte.
;; code byte:
;; 0 = end of compressed data, no parameters 
;; -ve = no parameters.  negate code byte to get number of bytes to add onto current DE
;; +ve = number of bytes to copy to hardware sprite RAM, followed by the actual bytes

ld a,(hl)		;; get code

inc hl
or a			
ret z			;; quit if end of compressed data code
jp m,rle_move	

;; +ve code. Code is the number of bytes to copy to hardware sprite RAM
;; the bytes to copy follow the code.

ld b,a	
ld c,0			;; BC = count
ldir			;; transfer
jr next

add a,e

ld e,a
jr next


defb 0				;; index of current frame

;; pointer to data for each sprite frame
defw frame0
defw frame1
defw frame2
defw frame3

;; this is the sequence to unlock the ASIC extra features
defb &ff,&00,&ff,&77,&b3,&51,&a8,&d4,&62,&39,&9c,&46,&2b,&15,&8a,&cd,&ee