Programming:Undo delete of file

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If you accidently delete a file from disk, there is a way to make it visible again.

Important! Don't not save anything to disk after deleting because it will be impossible to recover your files then.

type this:

poke &a701,229

now you will see all the deleted files that are still stored on the disk. you can load" a basic file, then type

poke &a701,0

and it will be saved again.

For other non-basic files you'll have to use a disc tool like discology.

This is how it works:

This poke does the same as the |user command from amsdos. The |user command can only access user 0 to 15.

When you delete a file mit |del, AMSDOS rewrites the user level of the file with number 229. So, when you change to this level, you will see the deleted file again.