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RadZone by Mastertronic

Radzone is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Radzone
Company: Mastertronic
Written by: Colin Hogg
Music by: Dave Rogers
Type: Platform
Year: 1986


The colonisation team had almost completed their task when a nuclear power unit went super-critical. The base had to be abandoned. It is now down to you to make the planetoid safe again! You do this by moving around the planetoid, "decontaminating" it - collecting all the radioactive objects - and when each screen is cleared, it becomes a Safe Zone. A screen which no longer exposes you to radiation - something which happens all the time in non-safe screens. Of course, there are highly radioactive life forms to avoid as well. Once all screens have been made safe, you complete the game. You have a few spare radiation suits (lives) on the start screen. Without a suit, you are highly vulnerable.






Now simply enter the number you want (1-42) and you will be transported to that screen. 42 screens in the game! Helps cut down the travel time.