Ready Made Machine Language Routines for the Amstrad

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A book with useful programs written in Z80 assembly language.


Title: Ready Made Machine Language Routines for the Amstrad
Authors: Joe Pritchard
Publisher: Melbourne House
Year: 1985
Pages: 179
ISBN: 0-86161-198-5



1. Machine Language on the Amstrad

   The Routines in this Book
   Memory Use on the Amstrad
   CALLing Machine Language Programs
   Integer Variables of Numbers
   Variables Prefixed with @
   Passing Strings
   Use of the ROM calls
   The Jumpblock

2. Text Output Routines

3. Graphics Routines

4. Scrolling the Screen

5. More Screen Routines

   Clearing the Screen
   Fill Routines
   Moving Characters
   Multicolored Characters

6. Keyboard Operations

7. Sound Routines

   The Programmable Sound Generator
   MC Sound Register
   Sound Techniques

8. Cassette Handling Routines

   Motor Control

9. Basic and Machine Code

   Cleaning up
   BASIC Line Structure
   Resident System Extensions
   The Jump Table
   The Name Table

Appendix 1. Control Code Effects
Appendix 2. Instructions and Op-codes
Appendix 3. Flag Operation Summary