Space Crusade

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Space Crusade, released 1992, was Gremlin Graphics second adaption from a Milton Bradley board game, and a spiritual sequel to Hero Quest (1991).

As with the predecessor, Space Crusade remained very faithful to the boardgame.

Remaining turn based, the player controls a squad of 5 Space Marines (borrowed directly from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K universe) who's task it was to battle through an alien spacecraft to complete various missions.

Space Crusade built on Hero Quest's system by adding a choice of weapons and equipment, and a movement system based around action points (AP).

Each character would have an alloted number of APs (decided by the roll of a dice) which would be spent on moving, firing, reloading, etc.

This system was akin to more advanced turn based strategy games and thus Space Crusade was a big leap forward from Hero Quest.

This was reflected in yet more favourable reviews for Gremlin Graphics.


Title: Space Crusade
Company: Gremlin Graphics
Type: Strategy
Year: 1992