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Old School 512K RAM Expansion

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/* A 512KB RAM Expansion for the CPC 6128 and Plus. */
== A 512KB RAM Expansion for the CPC 6128 and Plus. ==
[[File:P1110909 DxO.jpg|thumbnail|Old School 512KByte RAM Expansion for CPC6128 and Plus]]
This is a DK'Tronics compatible 512K RAM expansion board built using standard 74 Series logic ICs and a single SRAM chip. There are no devices which need programming and all parts are in through-hole packages to make for a board which is easily assembled even by a beginner.
The card has a Mother MX4 standard box connector rather than an edge connector. So to use the board you will need a Mother X4 or compatible expansion card.
This is a fully open source project and all code and further documentation is available on the project's [ GitHub pages] and [ wiki.]
The bare PCB is available from SeeedStudio via their [ Seeed Gallery pages].
Bare PCBs or fully assembled cards may from time to time be available also directly from Revaldinho - please PM via the Discussion Forum to check. 
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