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Amstrad Whole Memory Guide - The display system

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Bach stream may reserve for itself a rectangular window. If two windows overlap, the streams may overwrite each other in the overlap area. Any area not so reserved may be accessed by stream 0, which is the default if no stream is specified.
== Parameters ==
A certain amount of care is needed in dealing with screen parameters, as their definition can vary. A distinction is made between 'physical' and 'logical' values, the former numbering columns and rows from 0 upwards, while the latter start at 1. There are also distinctions between absolute and relative values.
Similar distinctions arise with Graphics parameters, user coordinates being relative to the origin set by the user, while standard coordinates are relative to the default origin.
== Workspace ==
As many workspace locations are common to more than one section of the display system, the addresses for the whole screen workspace in Version 1.6 are given here
== Scanned pages ==