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[[Image:Thriller-90s.jpg|thumb|Thriller in the early 90s]] [[Image:Thriller.jpg|thumb|Thriller in 2001]]
'''Thriller''' (Kalle Rechberg, former formerly Kalle Süße from Bad Hersfeld, Germany) was an early and , very crazy and funny demo coder of in the german German CPC scene. As a very religious person he studied ar at a Bibleschool in Backnang (near Weeske Computers) and now <!--(when?)--> works for Siemens in Erlangen.
== Membership Groups ==
*[[Cadjo Clan|Cadjo Clan]]
*[[Terrific Demo Stage 1|Terrific Demo Stage 1]]
== Links == * [ Interview with Thriller by NoRecess] [[Category:CPC_scene_membersCPC scene members]]