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Trojan Light Phazer

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== Magnum vs Trojan ==
The Trojan looks exactly like the [[Amstrad Magnum Phaser|Magnum]] (in fact, both were manufactured by [[Trojan]]).  The difference is that the Trojan connects to the CPC Plus [[Connector:Aux socket (CPC Plus only)|6pin AUX socket]], while the Magnum connects to the Expansion Port.  And, the Trojan maps the Trigger as Joystick button (rather than merging it with the Light Sensor signal).
== Technical ==
The Trojan connects to the CPC+/GX4000's [[Connector:Aux socket (CPC Plus only)|6pin AUX socket]]:
Light Sensor ---> CRTC Light Pen Input
Trigger Button ---> Joystick Fire 2 (Row9, Bit4)
== How to build a Trojan Phazer light gun from an Amstrad Magnum ==
In English :
In Spanish :
== Supported Games ==