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/* Peripherals */
* [[Dk'tronics_memory_expansion#256KB_RAM|DK'tronics 256K RAM Memory Expansion]] - upgraded to 320K (296K available memory to use)
* [[Dk'tronics_memory_expansion#256KB_Silicon_Disk|DK'tronics 256K RAM Silicon Disk]] - total of 576K (552K available memory to use)
* [[Dk'tronics_Memory_Expansion_Gallery%27tronics_Memory_Expansion_Gallery#256k_RAM_Silicon_Disc_for_CPC_464.2F664_-_unmodified_.28ROM_and_RAM_in_separate_cartridges28RAM_and_ROM_in_separate_cartridges.29|DK'tronics Silicon Disk Operating System]] - [[Media:SilDsc11.rom|DK'Tronics Silicon Disc 1.1 ROM]] (mapped to ROM bank 4) as '''S D''' v2.11
* [[Amstrad_Disk_Drive|Amstrad DDI-1 External Floppy 3" Disc Drive]] with [[AMSDOS]] / CP/M bootstrap ROM inside [[Media:Gerald_DDI-1_MF0004B.jpg|Disc interface]]
* 3.5" External Disc Drive (NEC FD1036 A) "CUMANA DRIVE 0" with [[Side Select Switch|side switch]], [[Adding_3.5"_drive_to_CPC464#3.5.22_READY_Signal_Test|"READY" signal]], Inter-connecting Lead & [ 34 way IDC Male connector]